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We are a computer services and solutions company, established since 2003, in the field of information technology and communications. Our main commitment with our clients is to ensure that the solutions we offer have a positive impact on your organization, with high performance and constant productivity.

We offer services designed to the needs of each client, covering traditional services to the most complex and innovative solutions, our main letter is the services of Maintenance to Servants as a first instance, desktop equipment and network equipment.

As a computer company, we think that the best way to meet customer needs is to know their peculiarities and requirements and thus design the best possible solution for each particular case.

Committed to provide the best quality service in Information Technology.

Our Human Resource is made up of professionals in Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Technicians in Computer Science, Computer Engineering Students, and professionals in Administration and Marketing, with outstanding experiences that come together to offer all our clients the greatest satisfaction in Services and Advising.


IT Outsourcing
  Information Technology has to be considered as a growing enabler for your business. ...
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IT Staffing
Hire specialized personnel in different areas of IT without increasing your headcount   ...
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Take the road to virtualization! You could be left behind in the current competitive landscape  
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Informatic security
Computer security solutions to mitigate cyber risks in your company   The rapid growth of t...
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Remote Service of Stations and Servers
Manage the Stations and Servers of your infrastructure is a problem solved for our customers  ...
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La gente correcta en el lugar correcto
13 June, 2018
Cuantas veces en nuestra vida profesional nos hemos enfrentado al dilema de quitarnos del camino y dejar el paso libre a otros para que hagan el trabajo que uno, por las razones que fuera, n...
Navegación Segura
2 May, 2018
La seguridad y privacidad de las redes, los equipos PC´s y Servidores, viene de la mano en como son seleccionados los sitios para navegar en la web. La mayoría de los sitios que son visi
Soporte y Administración Remota de TI
16 April, 2018
Es un hecho conocido y cada vez más aceptado el que buena parte de las actividades de nuestra vida diaria podemos realizarlas desde nuestro escritorio y desde nuestro teléfono. Desde ordenar

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