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Specialized support for users of critical applications of your organization

We support applications used by the client, both developed in-house and third-party applications.

Benefits in Application Support
  • Staff specialized in the required platforms.
  • Compliance with delivery agreements.
  • Change management
  • Administration and follow-up of requests.


Main activities

Personnel with experience in both application support and software development processes are assigned, in addition to knowing the processes of monitoring the life cycle of the applications.

The main activities of the Application Support service are:

  • Registry of incidents in the ticket registration system.
  • Inventory of applications.
  • Identification of infrastructure required for the application.
  • Identification of key users.
  • Identification of functional users.
  • Control of changes in applications.
  • Survey of requirements.
  • Proposals for solution to the requirement.
  • Adaptation to the customer’s change control process.
  • Implementation of the change control process.
  • Suggestions for improvement in processes.


Protection of application data

We have a process that promotes information security, absolute discretion.