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Service on the user’s desk through assigned staff at the client’s facilities


The support on site (desktop support) is to meet the requirements that the Help Desk could not resolve remotely.

  • Increase in user satisfaction.
  • Reduction of costs and support times.
  • Compliance with service level agreements.
  • Reduction of payroll costs.
  • Use of key IT personnel in critical business functions.
  • Achievement of IT continuity in the organization.

Main activities

Personnel graduated from technical or professional careers in the area of ​​Information Technology are assigned. Personnel with experience in support activities are selected.

The main activities of On-Site Support engineers are:

  • Installation of new applications.
  • Installation of hardware accessories.
  • Installation and configuration of laptops and computer equipment.
  • Configuration of Servers.
  • Configuration of peripherals.
  • Network configuration

User support to perform certain functions such as:

  •  Adaptation of mailboxes.
  • Movement of IT equipment.
  • Doubts or queries by users.
  • Support in special systems projects.
  • Support in guarantee administration processes.
  • Resetting passwords in applications.
  • Application failures
  • Hardware failures
  • Failures in internet access.
  • Network configurations
  • Mail settings
  • Configurations of videoconferences, chat, messaging.
  • Problems with viruses

Ticket Software


Easy Ticket

In order to measure the activity of support to users, in addition to having an adequate telephony system, Vimar has a software application designed to record each of the support events (incidents, requirements, problems, changes).

Through this tool, Site Support monitors tickets from their creation to their closure, documenting each of the steps applied in the solution of a problem.

With more than 30,000 tickets registered, in addition to covering the management of incidents and problems, we have a broad knowledge base to accelerate the resolution of failures and perform more effective preventive work.

Preventive Maintenance

We have a specialized staff to do preventive maintenance to computer equipment and peripherals, under contracting adjusted to your company.

Protection of Business Data

We have a process that promotes the security of information, absolute discretion and fully adheres to the Computer Crimes Act.

Unit of Complaints and Suggestions

The Unit of Complaints and Suggestions (UCS) is the team responsible for managing complaints and suggestions made by customers of each of the accounts that have contracted any of our services. Complaints can be received by telephone, by e-mail, by customer satisfaction surveys, in monthly presentations and casual talks.

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