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The help desk, It is made up of a group of analysts with technical knowledge who are in charge of receiving all the requirements or incidents generated by the users in the companies. Availability 24/7 365 days service.

  • Increase in user satisfaction.
  • Registration and documentation of incidents in the IT area.
  • Reduction of costs and support times.
  • Compliance with service level agreements.
  • Support to users during office hours.
  • Reduction of payroll costs.
  • Use of key IT personnel in critical business functions.
  • Achievement of IT continuity in the organization.

Main activities:
  • Reception of incidents and requirements.
  • Registration and classification of incidents and requirements.
  • Management of incidents and requirements received.
  • Punctual monitoring of incidents and requirements with the end user.
  • Follow up on incidents and requirements until their total solution.
  • Inform users of important IT events.
  • Quality Assurance Program.
  • Delivery of service metric reports.

Value Service

The experience has allowed us to design a service model that works. Minimizing the impact to the business due to incidents in the infrastructure, reducing support costs per user, objectively measuring the support activity.

  • Coverage 365: 24/7 •
  • KPI indicators
  • Backup Staff
  • Account Coordinators
  • Knowledge Management
  • Quality assurement
  • Capacitation program
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Based on ITIL

IT infrastructure

For the proper operation of a Help Desk, a technological infrastructure is required, prepared to handle incidents and components that facilitate the continuity of the service.

Ticket Software

Easy Ticket

In order to measure user support activity, Vimar has a software application designed to record each of the support events (incidents, requirements, problems, changes).

Through this tool, the Help Desk tracks the tickets from their creation to their closure, documenting each of the steps applied in the solution of a problem.

In addition to covering the management of incidents and problems, we have a broad knowledge base to accelerate the resolution of failures and carry out more effective preventive work.

Preventive Maintenance

Vimar has a specialized staff to do preventive maintenance to computer equipment and peripherals, under contracts adjusted to your company.

Backing up information

Disaster recovery. A formal process has been implemented to maintain the continuity of the operation of the clients in case of disasters such as:

  • Failures of general operation of the infrastructure.
  • Theft or physical damage to the infrastructure.
  • Damage to configurations and deletion of information due to unauthorized access.

Vimar has a process that promotes information security, absolute discretion and adheres fully to local laws on privacy and protection of information.

Unit of Complaints and Suggestions

The Unit of Complaints and Suggestions (UCS) is the team responsible for managing complaints and suggestions made by customers of each of the accounts that have contracted any of our services. Complaints can be received by telephone, by e-mail, by customer satisfaction surveys, in monthly presentations and casual talks.

Once the complaint is received, a formal process is initiated that goes from investigation to solution and closure.

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