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The IT infrastructure platform is the base on which the services and IT applications that organizations need to operate are executed, a well-designed platform means availability of critical services and flexibility in the delivery of the service.

Flexible Service Model

Vimar’s philosophy is to have a “Flexible Service Model” that adapts to the client’s requirements, focusing the design of the service on specific objectives, without neglecting technical and economic competitiveness.


Value Services

The experience has allowed us to design a service model that works.

Our methodology, use of best practices, manufacturer support and experience in various projects, allow the benefits of your investment to be perceived and exploited quickly and with a minimum of implementation risks.


What is IT Infrastructure?

The IT infrastructure is defined as a set of physical devices and software applications that are required to operate the company. However, the IT infrastructure is also a set of services throughout the organization, budgeted by the administration and covering technical and human capabilities.

For every organization it is very important to build an IT infrastructure platform with quality components, that meet the current and future needs of the organization, that is prepared to support current applications and technologies and that has the reliable support of integrators and manufacturers.



The IT infrastructure is composed of the following main components:

  • Hardware Platform
  • Operating System Platform
  • Telecommunications
  • Database Platform
  • Business Applications
  • Administration and Support Services



Partnerships with the main manufacturers

At Vimar Servicios we have trained, and we have alliances with the main hardware and software manufacturers that allow us to design, implement and support robust technology platforms for IT infrastructure.