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Manage IT services in an effective way through a solid software platform

The implementation of IT management best practices is only possible through the use of appropriate technological tools combined with the experience of our group of consultants that will ensure the success of it.

Strengthen your IT infrastructure by minimizing the risks of implementing each solution.


What is IT Service Management?

The management of information technology services is a process-based discipline, focused on aligning the IT services provided with the needs of companies, emphasizing the benefits that the end customer can perceive. ITSM proposes to change the paradigm of IT management, by a collection of components focused on end-to-end services using different frameworks of “best practices”, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).


Best practices for IT management

ITIL is a framework of concepts and best practices for the management of IT operations and services defined in the mid-1980s by the Government Commerce Office of the United Kingdom. The main objective of ITIL is to align the business and information technologies, allowing the organization to implement what is relevant to its business.

ITIL gives detailed descriptions of an extensive set of management procedures designed to help organizations achieve quality and efficiency in IT operations. These procedures are vendor independent and have been developed to serve as a guide covering all infrastructure, development and IT operations.


ITIL features

Standard Terminology

Incident Management

An incident is an interruption to the service. It is necessary to keep a record of all the interruptions and the process that is followed to restore the service, for it, Service Desk Plus allows the registration of incidents, their categorization and their prioritization according to a matrix of priorities configured. It contains fields and characteristics that allow documenting every step of the incident, from its identification and initial analysis to its resolution and closure. It allows the manual or automatic assignment of the incident, as well as its escalations.

The tool allows you to configure the automatic allocation of the maximum solution times for each incident according to their characteristics, sends automatic notifications to engineers and users informing of the incident status, and also has the facility to send satisfaction surveys to users automatically.

Problem Management

The objective of problem management is to minimize the impact of incidents that affect the service, as well as to identify the root cause of the incidents through analysis. For this, Service Desk Plus facilitates the registration, categorization and prioritization of problems according to the framework of ITIL best practices. It allows for detailed documentation of the investigation, impact analysis, root cause analysis, and solution of the problem. It also allows you to link the incident (s) linked to the problem record, allowing greater visibility and traceability of the IT support processes (IT Support).


Change Management

Virtualization enables the provision of secure virtual desktops as a managed service for employees of remote branches and offices. Virtual desktop solutions increase business flexibility, simplify administration and reduce costs.


CMDB and Asset Management

Enables control and visibility of the assets of the IT infrastructure through the registration and administration of all assets with their characteristics, as well as their interrelationships and dependencies. Provides a list of predefined asset types with the ease of creating new types. Update the characteristics of the assets automatically.


ServiceDesk Plus

Software aligned to ITIL

ServiceDesk Plus integrates service requests and IT assets to help you manage your organization effectively. It allows implementing the best practices of ITIL and resolving requests for faster service.

ServiceDesk Plus is available in 23 languages, it is easy to install, configure and implement aligned to the best industry practices in any size of organization.


Ready for ITIL

  • CMDB
  • Self Service Portal
  • Management of SLAs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Management of incidents
  • Problem Management
  • Automatic Network Inventory
  • Change Management
  • Inventory HW and SW
  • Catalog of Services
  • Remote control
  • Business rules
  • Software Licensing Management
  • Technical Support Notifications
  • Purchase Management
  • Automatic Ticket Assignment
  • Contract management
  • Automation by Email
  • Mobile Technical Support
  • Active Directory integration
  • Multiple Locations
  • Help Desk Reports
  • Passwords reset
  • Satisfaction surveys


Flexible Service Model

Vimar’s philosophy is to have a “Flexible Service Model” that adapts to the client’s requirements, focusing the design of the service on compliance with contractual SLAs without neglecting technical and economic competitiveness.

The easy adaptation of the standard service model to the model expected by the customer has become one of the main competitive advantages of Vimar Servicios.


Value Services

The experience has allowed us to design a service model that works.

Our methodology, use of best practices, manufacturer support and experience in various projects, allow the benefits of your investment to be perceived and exploited quickly and with a minimum of implementation risks.

Service Desk Plus is a service table software with asset management oriented to ITIL, whose philosophy is to maintain practicality and ease of use without neglecting the functionality that allows adherence to best practices. It is an application currently used by more than 85,000 companies in the world thanks to its effectiveness and competitive cost.