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Your company deserves to have an internet presence and your store deserves to have an ecommerce


Online marketing is the least expensive and most efficient marketing tool in the world, it helps companies of all sizes to increase their sales, save costs, build loyalty and support their customers, provide information and advertise 24 hours a day at scale world. Web design is the central part of online marketing.

Corporate Web Design

Creating a web page is a complex process. It is not enough to design attractive websites, you must create web pages that convey the message that the client wants.

A corporate website should allow you:

  • Offer all the information you want about your products and company, at any time, facilitating the purchase of your products against competitors. Facilitate on-line assistance to their salespeople and distributors that allow them to better argue their products.
  • Establish relations. Loyalty and speed up the relationship with your customers and suppliers.
  • Create image of the brand and company.

Online stores

The convenience of buying from home or the office in any online store, combined with the increase in confidence in online shopping, the incorporation of younger consumers and the greater penetration of tablets and smartphones have led to recent years an unstoppable growth of global electronic commerce.

Virtual Catalogs

Virtual catalogs is the best way to show the products of any company. They are usually organized by product categories or brands and contain chips of the company’s products.

The cards usually incorporate various photographs, reference, description and pdf with technical characteristics. Always accompanied by a powerful product search engine.

The advantage of virtual catalogs over paper catalogs is that they are always updated and generate greater interactivity with their customers. For this we program a content manager that allows the client to update their own catalog easily.

It is also advisable to link the virtual catalogs with the main social networks in order to be easily shared by the users and the company itself.

We design and program all your customized virtual catalogs, using dynamic programming.

Vimar Servicios also offers the services of:

  • Redesign of Web Pages
  • Website maintenance
  • Creation of Intranets
  • And as part of the Web solutions, we apply the services for the APPS


In support of the websites, Vimar Servicios offers through its subsidiary ExpandHost the services of Hostings and Domains.



Como apoyo a los sitios web, Vimar Servicios ofrece a través de su filial ExpandHost los servicios de Alojamientos y Dominios.


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